Managing your Donations and Unenrollment

From your Round Up, Give Back page, click the "Login" button. A modal dialog will appear. Enter your login credentials to continue. Once logged in, navigate to the "Details" tab:

Click on the settings button next to the card you would like to unenroll, change which charity it is supporting, or change the monthly maximum roundup:

From here you can make those changes and click save changes to ensure they are saved. If you would like to unenroll a card then you would continue to click "Remove Card from Sweepstakes":

Confirm you would like to remove it by checking the box, and clicking remove card. This will remove the card from the program, but not from your profile. The card will not be active but it will still be recorded as a possible payment source on your profile in case you wish to reenroll in the program.

Remove A Card From Your Profile

If you would like to remove the card from your profile as well, navigate to the "Saved Cards" tab via the menu.

Click the "Delete" button to delete your card, and you will be prompted to confirm:

Check the box to confirm and then click the "Delete Card" button to officially delete your card from your profile.

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