Add your Harness "Donate Button" Code on Prestashop
Harness is compatible with Prestashop! Follow these steps to "Harness your Website" on your Prestashop
Step 1: Log in to your Harness Admin Dashboard
Step 2: In your "Settings" - click on the "Website Code" tab (or Click Here)
Step 3: Copy the "Harness your Website" Code
Step 4: Log in to your Prestashop Account
Step 5: In Prestashop, find the file named "header.tpl" in your templates folder under "themes/THEME_NAVN/"
Step 6: Open header.tpl - and then PASTE your Harness Code just before (above) the closing tag
Step 7: Add &lcubliteral&rcub before your Harness code AND add &lcub/literal&rcub after your Harness code
Step 8: Save and close the file
Step 9: Now delete/force cache and compile your template files. Log in to your Prestashop Admin Account and go to advanced parameters > cache - then click "clear smarty cache & autoload cache"
Step 10: All done! Remember to check your website setup with Chrome or Firefox​
Last modified 2yr ago
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