Donation Campaigns

What are campaigns?

In Harness, a campaign is a specific fundraising initiative where you can track specific donations, share fundraising goals or share time-based events (ex: GivingTuesday).

Now let's see how to create a campaign! ✨

  1. Name Campaign

  2. Add a photo

  3. Write a description

You can make your campaign more effective by adding more customization like change fonts, add an emoji or a full logo, etc.

  • Campaign Title = What to call your campaign?

  • Donation Goal = Optional if you do not input a goal it will not display!

  • End Date & Time = Optional useful for specific fundraisers (Valentines Day, Christmas)

  • Category

    • Optional

    • Internal tool useful for organizing lots of different simultaneous campaigns.

    • Examples: Child Sponsorships, Peer-2-Peer Campaigns, Crowdfunding Campaigns.

  • Display Options (all of these can be enabled/disabled)

    • Donated & Goal

    • Donor Count

    • Recent Donations

    • Donation Notes

    • Updates & Posts

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