Ask donors to Round-Up daily credit or debit card purchases.

🌎 Overview

A "Round-Up" is the term we use to describe the spare change captured from automatically rounding up your transactions to the next dollar.

An example of a Round-Up is if you bought a coffee for $2.40 on your connected credit/debit card, we'd "Round-Up" the purchase to the next dollar amount ($3) and the change ($0.60) would be counted as Round-Up change. Round-Ups are then accumulated over the month and are donated at the very end of the month.

🤓 How to add a card?

  1. Create an Account

  2. Add any debit or credit card

  3. Authorize the card through your issuing bank

⚙️ Adjust settings?

Your donor dashboard allows you to customize your Round-Up experience.

  • You can set caps to limit how much you give per month.

  • Round-Up $1 when your transaction ends in a 0.

  • Remove your card at anytime

  • Add another Card

📈 Reports

We have a custom report that gives you a look into how much you can expect to bring in via Round-ups in the current month.

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