What data does Harness track?
Harness currently offers basic analytics & tracking of data and will continue to add more tracking metrics in the future.

Harness Fundraising Pages

We offer tracking & analytics of data of activity that takes place within your Harness fundraising pages via Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel.
We do not currently collect information or offer data analytics on activity pre or post Harness fundraising pages (ex: if donor's accessed your Harness fundraising page via a keyword/email/social media solicitation).
Harness + Facebook Pixel (Facebook Pixel Basics)

Harness Keyword (Text-to-Give)

Basic (ex: # of donors who text the keyword) Available: Now (via request to CS) Notes:
  • Harness can report the number of people who have text in your keyword.
  • We are unable to report any contact information associated with those people (name/phone #) or where/how those donors accessed your keyword information.
  • This # of text-ins resets whenever a change is made to the keyword (including keyword content/link).
Advanced (ex: conversion rate) Available: Fall 2020
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Harness Fundraising Pages
Harness Keyword (Text-to-Give)