Google Tag Manager
Add your Harness "Donate Button" Code on Google Tag Manager
Don't worry if you're not technical! We'll walk you through the set up process step by step :)
Step 1: Log in to your Harness Admin Dashboard
Step 2: In your "Settings" - click on the "Website Code" tab (or Click Here)
Step 3: Copy the "Harness your Website" Code
Step 4: Log in to your Google Tag Manager Account
Step 5: Click on "Add a new tag" in your account
Step 6: Click on tag configuration and select custom HTML as the tag type
Step 7: Paste the code you previously copied and activate "Support document.write"
Step 8: Scroll down and click on "Triggering"
Step 9: Click on "All Pages"
Step 10: Click on "Save" and name your new tag
Step 11: In your GTM Dashboard click on "Publish" (top-right corner)
Step 12: Copy the "Harness your Website" Code
Last modified 2yr ago
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