Drive awareness, transparency, and delightful donor experiences through text-message.

What is stewardship?

In Harness, the primary way for you to steward your donors is via text. We use texting as the primary mode of communication because of ridiculously high open rates. Imagine every message that you send out actually getting read - crazy right? No, it's not! With 92% open rates, our partners are greatly benefiting from using this new mode of communication.

Now let's see how we make it easy to steward your supporters! ✨

​♻️ Auto-Messages

Treat every donor like a VIP by sending automated text-messages based on actions they take.

Personalize your auto-messages with merge tags. Make them gratifying by attaching photos, videos, and GIFs!

You can read more about auto-messages here - auto-messages

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 2-Way Convos

Have personalized two-way conversations with your supporters.

With our best in class user interface, one person can manage hundreds of conversations without breaking a sweat.

You can read more about 2-way convos here: 2 way convos

💡 Templates

Create magic moments for your supporters once and reuse them all the time with templates!

🧰 Extra Tools

One of the best parts about using text as a medium of communication is that you can make it fun. Spice up your texts with emojis, gifs, merge-tags, or still photos.

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