Add your Harness "Donate Button" Code on Blogger
Harness is compatible with Blogger! Follow these steps to "Harness your Website" on your Blogger site
Step 1: Log in to your Harness Admin Dashboard
Step 2: In your "Settings" - click on the "Website Code" tab (or Click Here)
Step 3: Copy the "Harness your Website" Code
Step 4: Log in to your Blogger Account
Step 5: In your left side menu, click on "Template"
Step 6: In the "Live on Blog" section, click on "Edit HTML"
Step 7: In the editor, scroll down until you find the tag. Paste your code just above it.
Step 8: In the upper menu, click "Save template"
Step 9: All done! Remember to check your website setup with Chrome or Firefox​
Last modified 2yr ago
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